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There are many aspects to retirement in Australia and it appears that most of the focus has b
een on the financial aspects like superannuation and the tax concessions available for people over 55 or 60.  There is no longer a technical age for retirement even though, for historical reasons, 65 appears as a mental goal for many people.  

As one of  23 Certified Retirement Coaches in Australia, I now work with many senior people, particularly in the financial services and professional services sectors in Sydney, through tailored retirement coaching programs.  
Note I have had my first retirement - at the age of 46!   It lasted less than a year - and one of the reasons for this is I wanted to do far more mainly with my brain - like coaching and working with people.

Whilst I studied superannuation in depth as part of my Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning in 2006, my Retirement Coaching is not about the financial aspects - it is about all the other aspects, approached in a holistic way,  like:

  • how are you going to fill in your time?
  • what are you doing to manage your health?
  • are you actually retiring - or just downshifting?
  • what are your relationships like?
  • where will your social contact originate?
  • what are your goals?
  • do you still want to work - full-time, part-time, casually, contracting or consulting?
  • if you work, will you career shift?
To assist you to clarify some options and your thinking:

Even the word "retirement" is questionable or nearly redundant itself (click here to see some recent commentary).  We hear words and phrases like "Third Age", "Third Phase", "Transition", "Active Retirement", "Wisdom Years", "Sea Change", "Tree Change" or even "Me Change" to describe a phase of our lives when we may not be going to "work" in the traditional 9am-5pm (or these days 8am-7pm!) sense but we can be busier than we have ever been.

So lets call this New Phase of Life Coaching.   And it is recommended that planning for the period after you "retire" should commence a long time beforehand - maybe up to 15 years!  There is even the question of whether you actually wish to retire - see one of my blog posts on this exact question.

To get you started, here are some links to some websites covering many of the issues that I don't want to reinvent:

Adage  - a job board for the mature age professional

Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia - lots of good financial material to cover one of the now greatest tax concessions in Australia

CNN Life after Work - a global spin on this new phase of life and some of the issues faced

Greypath - an Australian website of resources, links and blogs specifically for the seniors market

The New Retirement Options - a paper prepared by a pioneer in this area, Dr Richard Johnson.

Portfolio Careers - a different way to think about work and life where you have a portfolio of jobs and interests.

University of the Third Age - one of the many Universities catering for senior people still wanting to learn but not do exams!

Yahoo Retirement Focus - another global site covering many of the issues potential retirees face.

I am a now a Certified Retirement Coach through Retirement Options and can administer the following:


Don't Drift into Retirement - Life after Business
Please click here to hear my November 2013 and February 2014 interviews with Business Essentials and Neil Mitchell of 3AW Melbourne

 Quotable Quotes on Retirement

"The boomers' biggest impact will be on eliminating the term 'retirement' and inventing a new stage of life... the new career arc."

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

"Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save."

Will Rogers, Autobiography, 1949

"Retirement is the ugliest word in the language."

Ernest Hemingway

"Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did."

Malcolm Forbes

"Sooner or later I'm going to die, but I'm not going to retire.”

Margaret Mead

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