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I am honoured to have been requested to speak on a range of business and career topics to a wide array of audiences - and this has included conferences, keynote speeches, offsite events, seminars, webinars and radio shows.  I always welcome opportunities to present, be a Master of Ceremonies or facilitate corporate events and invite any enquiries. Forthcoming and recent speaking presentations (most of which have been in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra or Newcastle) are below.


Presentation Topics
Career Management
Employment Engagement
Leadership Development
Mature Age Workers
Mental Health at Work
Networking Success
Personal Branding
Professional Services
Recruitment Assessments 
Retirement Preparation
Self Awareness
Social Media
Small Business Growth
Whole Brain Thinking
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DateLocationOrganisation/LinkPresentation Title
DateLocationOrganisation/LinkPresentation Title
21 March 2019 Sydney SPM Assets The Future of Work - and Your Success 
14 March 2019 Auckland SPM Assets The Future of Work - and Your Success 
5 December 2018 Sydney Australian Computer Society Digital Leaders - The Fundamentals of Leadership 
14 August 2018 Sydney Australian Computer Society Personal Networking for Success 
14 May 2018 Sydney Australian Computer Society Digital Leaders and their Transformation 
22 February 2018 Sydney Chartered Accountants ANZ Adapting to a changing workplace 
31 January 2018 Sydney Australian Computer Society - NSW Personal Networking for Success 
18 January 2018 Sydney Australian Computer Society - NSW Digital Leaders and Their Transformation 
24 October 2017 Sydney Absolute Wealth Advisors Retirement - It's Just not About the Money 
4 October 2017 Sydney Australian Computer Society - NSW Personal Networking for Success 
25 August 2017 Sydney Honda Australia Leadership - Being Competent 
11 May 2017 Sydney Baker McKenzie Delivering Commercial Insights to Challenging Clients Using Whole Brain Thinking 
19 April 2017 Sydney Telstra Environment Team Connecting with Whole Brain Thinking 
29 March 2017 Sydney Commonwealth Bank Social Media for Lawyers 
18 October 2016 Sydney Human Resource Managers at Work The Future of Work 
13 September 2016 Melbourne Chartered Accountants ANZ - Business Valuation and Forensic Conference Quality Business Branding in a Digital Age 
23 June 2016 Sydney The Salvation Army - Finance Team The Future of Work and your Career 
22 June 2016 Sydney The Salvation Army - Finance Team Whole Brain Thinking for Better Results 
9 June 2016 Sydney Holman Webb Actively Managing Your Legal Career in the Future of Work 
26 April 2016 Melbourne HRM@Work The Future of Work and Developing Future Leaders 
20 April 2016 Newcastle Hunter Young Professionals How to be a Successful Professional 
5 November 2015 Perth TEC Group 51 - Perth Disruption - Opportunity, Threat or Both? 
22 October 2015 Newcastle Hunter Young Chartered Accountnats Actively Managing and Growing Your Career - Young Chartered Accountants 
17 June 2015 Sydney Australian Computer Society CIO Roundtable -" What does the position description of the CIO look like in 2020?" 
17 April 2015 Brisbane Chartered Accountants ANZ - Brisbane Program Quality Business Branding in the Digital Age 
24 March 2015 Melbourne Chartered Accountants ANZ - Melbourne Program Quality Business Branding in the Digital Age 
16 March 2015 Sydney Australian Computer Society 2020 Vision: Ensuring relevance and value of IT teams and careers 
13 March 2015 Sydney Chartered Accountants ANZ - Sydney Program Quality Business Branding in the Digital Age 
5 February 2015 Sydney Sydney Trains Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument for Better Thinking and Communication 
27 November 2014 Sydney Eaglewaves Radio Grow Efficiently - Work Smarter, not Harder and Scale Your Business 
13 November 2014 Sydney Australian Computer Society Over 45? Career in Transition? Could it be in the Future? 
13 November 2014 Sydney Australian Computer Society Actively Managing Your IT Career 
10 November 2014 Sydney AMPlify Festival Managing a Multigenerational Workforce - The 50 Year Career 
30 October 2014 Sydney Eaglewaves Radio  5 Ways to Run Your Business Anywhere 
21 October 2014 Sydney International Coaching Federation - NSW Branch Twitter for Coaches 
1 October 2014 Sydney Macquarie University - Departmental Academics Career Management - Now and in the Future - In a VUCA World 
24 September 2014 Sydney Henry Davis York Social Media Master Class 
10 September 2014 Sydney Henry Davis York Social Media Master Class 
27 August 2014 Sydney Coaching Interest Group - Australian Psychological Society Gaining more clients for your coaching practice using social media 
30 July 2014 Sydney  Social Media Master Class 
14 July 2014 Sydney Henry Davis York Social Media: Why Important for Law Firm Partners 
11 July 2014 Sydney Skeggs Goldstien In the Shoes of the Client: What makes a great consultancy practice 
18 June 2014 Adelaide Institute of Chartered Accountants Career Management and Transition for Mature Age Chartered Accountants 
13 June 2014 Brisbane Institute of Chartered Accountants Career Management and Transition for Mature Age Chartered Accountants 
11 June 2014 Sydney Navwealth and AMP Retirement - It's Not Just About the Money! 
5 June 2014 Sydney Clark & Jacobs Flourish Group for Women in Business LinkedIn as a Business Development and Networking Tool for Successful Business Women 
27 May 2014 Sydney Institute of Chartered Accountants Practical Technology and Social Media Applications for a Portfolio Consulting Career 
15 May 2014 Melbourne Institute of Chartered Accountants Practical Technology and Social Media Applications for a Portfolio Consulting Career 
11 April 2014 Perth Institute of Chartered Accountants Career Management and Transition for Mature Age Chartered Accountants 
11 March 2014 Sydney Saba User group Social Enterprise Technology = Engaging Business 
12 February 2014 Sydney Social media Social Media means Business 
31 January 2014 Sydney BNI Presidential Chapter Social Media Means Business 
6 December 2013 Sydney ACTE Education Conference Agenda The Evolving Roles of Travel Professionals: Expert Advice to Actively Manage & Market Your Career to Meet Changing Market Demands 
15 November 2013 Sydney Professional Services Social Media means Business 
23 October 2013 Sydney Wealth Creation firm Retirement - Is this what you really want? Planning your Third Phase 
23 October 2013 Sydney Professional Practices Coaching Creating a One Company Culture - Breaking Down the Silos 
11 September 2013 Sydney Chartered Accountants Career Management and Transition for Mature Age Chartered Accountants 
16 August 2013 Sydney Australian Computer Society The Right People Assessments for your Business 
15 August 2013 Canberra Consult Australia - Futurenet Career Management and Networking 
14 August 2013 Sydney NSW Public Sector Community of Finance Professionals Social Media Presence for Career Success 
18 July 2013 Sydney Professional Services Drivers Financial Aspects of Professional Services Firms 
11 July 2013 Sydney Facilitation What makes a Great Consultancy Practice 
11 July 2013 Sydney Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument Understanding and Implementing Whole Brain Thinking in a Professional Practice 
28 June 2013 Sydney Chartered Accountants How to network and leverage relationships 
25 June 2013 Sydney The Executive Connection (TEC) Social Media Engagement for Member Recruitment 
19 June 2013 Sydney Chartered Accountants Career Progression - The Art of Networking 
5 June 2013 Sydney Julia Palmer and the Business Networking Academy The Importance of Personal Branding and Social Media 
5 June 2013 Sydney Retirement - is this what you really want? Risk and the 3Rs - Redundancy, Reinvention and Retirement 
15 April 2013 Sydney Symposium Program Using Social Media as a Springboard for Change in your Organisation 
11 April 2013 Sydney Lominger Competencies/Hogan Assessments Self Awareness using Lominger Competencies and Hogan Assessments 
4 April 2013 Sydney 2013 Business Leaders Course Outline Career Management and Networking 
21 March 2013 Newcastle Seminar Details Actively Managing Your Professional Career 
1 March 2013 Sydney www.tec.com.au Twitter for CEOs 
6 December 2012 Sydney Conference Agenda Actively Managing and Marketing Your Career 
30 November 2012 Sydney  Post GFC - practical employment opportunities and risks from social media" 
27 September 2012 Sydney Seminar Agenda Actively Managing Your Professional Career 
10 August 2012 Sydney  Being an Intrepreneurial Consultant - and building your career 
31 July 2012 Sydney Related Blog Post I'm a CEO - should I be on Twitter? 
5 July 2012 Sydney Radio Interview and Blog Post Retirement - Is this what you really want? 
5 June 2012 Sydney Seminar Agenda Advancing your Corporate Managerial Career 
30 April 2012 Sydney Radio Interview and Blog Post The Business of "Kidults" and their Money 
26 March 2012 Sydney Radio Interview and Blog Post Managing the practical risks of a small business 
15 March 2012 Sydney Seminar Agenda Employee Engagement 
27 February 2012 Sydney Radio Interview and Blog Post Should you start a business after being retrenched? 
7 May 2010 Sydney Retirement Coaching Planning for Retirement - do yourself a favour and think ahead 
 Sydney Risk Logic Whole Brain Thinking 
Showing 86 items