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OnBoarding Coaching

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Whilst much of coaching is directed to when looking for a new job or becoming more effective in an existing job (Career Coaching, Executive Coaching) or retiring from a job (Retirement Coaching), one area where coaching can be very effective is in the first 3-6 months in a new role - which is termed OnBoarding Coaching.  For my September 2014 interview on what I regard as best practice in this process, together with commentary on the recommended steps with onboarding, please click here

A new role may be:
  • a new role in a new organisation
  • a new role in the same organisation
  • a sideways transfer to another location
  • a broadening of responsibilities of an existing role
In some cases, particularly in times where resources have been reduced and other people in the organisation are time pressured or feeling threatened about their roles, a person in a new role is left to fend for themself after the initial induction, if any. The new person sometimes also feels that he or she has to "prove themself" and may be reluctant to ask for assistance, advice, mentoring etc if this is not more formally provided.

How does OnBoarding Coaching work?

Ideally, I will commence working with an individual prior to commencement of his or her new role and help determine a plan based on the role, organisation and known public information. We will work out what resources and reading may be appropriate to hopefully fast-track the first week, month, quarter and year.

We then meet or talk preferably about every fortnight during the first few months, with flexibility depending on the individual, role and issues, and review progress and re-appraise the underlying plan. My role is very often a "sounding board" to be able to workshop and role play strategies, crucial conversations and presentations.  The OnBoarding Coaching may progress into other types of coaching as noted above.

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