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Coaching terms

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As coaching is often a new experience for many people, it is useful to have a broad understanding of how my coaching terms broadly work.  There are a number of steps: 
  1. You choose to work with me on personal career or business goals for you or people in your organisation.
  2. With executive coaching sponsored by an organisation, I meet to ensure there is a tripartite understanding of the objectives and expected outcomes from coaching but the coaching is confidential between the executive and me.  It is the executive's choice as to how much to disclose to the sponsoring organisation.
  3. We meet, on a fee free basis, for up to an hour, to confirm the goals and to ensure the "chemistry" between us is right.
  4. We each sign the coaching agreement which sets out our respective obligations and responsibilities (a sample of my coaching agreement is below).
  5. We schedule coaching appointments at mutually convenient times and either meet in person, "meet" through Skype video or schedule telephone conferences on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis generally for a minimum of 3 months.  Generally, coaching sessions under 1 hour will be done by telephone or at my office.
  6. There will sometimes be action steps or "homework" agreed at coaching appointments for discussion at the subsequent session.
  7. We each review the coaching relationship every quarter to ensure we are both satisfied with both the relationship and the outcomes.
  8. We both never stop learning and doing!  (I provide a number of links and resources to assist in yours and my learning.)
  9. We both commit to making necessary changes to ensure our business and personal lives are fulfilling.  I promise to challenge you and provoke thoughts and changes!

Basic Terms of Coaching Agreement with You

The following are some basic terms that I substantially use in my coaching agreements.  These are adapted to particular client situations.


"Thank you for the opportunity to work with you as your coach to assist you to meet your goals and potential.  I look forward to our coaching sessions and am committed to using my experience, skills and knowledge for your benefit over the period of our coaching relationship.  I confirm that all information that you disclose to me will be treated in the strictest confidence.  In our coaching relationship, I will  use the Standards of Conduct  and follow all of the Ethical Guidelines of the International Coach Federation.

So that we both benefit from our coaching relationship, it is important that we agree upon the terms and conditions of its conduct which are as follows:

1.      We have agreed on (x) (y) minute coaching sessions conducted every (week, fortnight, month) commencing at (time) on (date) and as scheduled thereafter.

2.      It is important that agreed coaching sessions commence and finish at the appointed time.  Should you need to reschedule a session, at least 24 hours notice should be provided otherwise the full session fee will still be payable.  In the event of an emergency, we will hopefully be able to work around it.

3.      Coaching sessions will be conducted (by telephone by you ringing me or by us meeting at an  appointed place).

4.      My fee for coaching is $z including GST per session or $zz for a package of ? sessions including GST payable by direct credit to my bank account after receipt by you of a tax invoice from me.    This fee may be tax deductible to you and you should seek professional advice in this regard.
5.      In all of our coaching sessions, we may agree on certain follow up action steps, homework or reading.  For you to maximize the benefit of your coaching , it is important that you commit to completion of such work so that we can discuss this at the next session.

6.      From time to time, you may need to contact me between scheduled sessions.  Any such contact up to 10 minutes is fine and included as part of your fees where you have particular challenges that cannot wait until the next session.

7.      As part of my ongoing coaching professional development and credentialing program with the International Coach Federation, I request that you agree that your name and contact details may be provided as part of a coaching hours log to them to enable verification of my coaching activities.

8.      In the event that either you or I do not consider the coaching relationship is achieving our respective goals, we both should be free to raise concerns with each other in an open manner so that we can resolve any issues in a timely manner."