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Coach Selection Checklist

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The following questions may aid in assisting you in evaluating me against other alternative coaching options you may have:
     Me  Other?  Link
 1.  Does your coach have 30+ years of business and professional experience?
 ?  Click
 2.  Does your coach have public testimonials to verify their skills and style?    ?   Click
 3.  Does your coach have experience in career transition?    ?   Click
 4.  Does your coach have a range of qualifications and accreditations in business oriented instruments?    ?   Click
 5.  Does your coach currently work with senior level people including CEOs?    ?   Click
 6.  Does your coach understand and actively use social media including Blogs, Linkedin and Twitter?    ?   Click
 7.  Does your coach regularly present to external conferences?    ?   Click
 8.  Does your coach regularly facilitate groups of senior leaders around strategic issues?    ?   Click
 9.  Does your coach continually update him/herself with ongoing education?    ?   Click
 10.  Does your coach add value for the investment of time and money?  ? Click
 11.  Does your coach belong to the International Coach Federation?  ? Click
 12.  Does your coach understand and have experience in the challenges of balancing family and work?    ?   Click