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LinkedIn is an essential online profile for anyone in business or a career - with the benefits being:
  • presenting you and your "personal brand" to the market
  • as an aid for networking
  • keeping up to date with your network's activities
  • client and customer interaction
  • being found by recruiters and HR teams and
  • for employee recruitment.  
I have summarised below the key aspects that I consider are important in a good LinkedIn profile these days.  My full profile is here.

Key aspects of a good LinkedIn profile
  1. Being there in the first place!
  2. Good head shot photo
  3. Powerful descriptor of you and your role(s) in headline
  4. Personalised LinkedIn public profile
  5. Tailored and personalised website, social media and contact details
  6. Searchable summary with good key words
  7. Key responsibilities and achievements in career roles - particularly in recent years
  8. Links to or attached articles, videos and other publications
  9. Recommendations - Given and Received
  10. Much sharing, liking, commenting on for your connections posts and other interesting material relevant to your company, role or industry.
  11. Connections - and please ensure you personalise requests rather than just sending the bland "I'd like to add you to my professional network"
  12. Constant updating and engagement