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Social media

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Your online presence is now an essential component of your career management and personal branding.  Social media is a double edged sword in this regard as a positive presence and profile may enhance your career opportunities and promotion; conversely, a negative presence may adversely affect your career.

The key foundations of your online social media presence are:
  • Having a personal strategy
  • Consistency across the social media sites upon which you are active
  • A demarcation between your personal and professional brands
  • Appropriate privacy and security settings
  • A personal marketing plan
For career management, the main social media sites I recommend will depend on your current and target industry and the demographics/behaviours of the people in them.  The main sites I recommend in business and professional life are:

In addition, sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest may have relevance if the target market is active thereon - the main challenge with these sites is that they have more of a personal element to them with the result that there can be blurring of the business/personal/professional boundaries.

Attached below are two articles which further express my views "Blog - the new Black" and "Take Control of your Online Image"