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Seeking a new role

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I am often contacted by people (particularly mature age (45+) workers) when they are either:
  • in an existing role that is no longer providing the desired career satisfaction or progression: or
  • in transition between roles - often after a resignation or retrenchment
seeking my assistance to secure the next role.  I love working with people like this as I know that they sufficiently aware to know that they "don't know it all" and are receptive to feedback to maximise their opportunity to secure their next role.

Whilst I do not find them that role, I am there with these individuals essentially as a strategist, support person, sounding board, reviewer, coach and facilitator to increase the possibility of success.

The checklist here is essentially a summary of what I see as best practice when seeking a new role in the current market.  It is a process that requires strategic thinking, research, preparation, skill enhancement, practice, marketing, communication and negotiation.

The key takeaways that I provide to my clients are:
  • an understanding of their strategy
  • a networking plan
  • a review and update of their online brand
  • a tailored resume for each role
  • a list of tailored behavioural questions
  • video preparation for an interview
  • a review of any employment offers for reasonableness
Please call or email me if you would like an initial complimentary discussion about your new role search process.  And this Coach Selection Checklist may also assist in choosing someone with whom you wish to work with through this process.

Your Checklist in Seeking a New Role

 1.  Appointed an independent and experienced Coach? 
 2.  Determined your career and networking strategy?

 3.  Know your personality, behaviours, leadership style? 
 4.  Researched industry, company, individuals? 
 5.  Understand role profile and competencies required? 
6.   Reviewed and updated personal online brand? 
 7.  Prepared tailored achievement oriented resume? 
 8.  Done mock interview with behavioral questions? 
 9.   Managed communication with recruiters/employers? 
 10. Negotiated offer? 
 11. Commenced Onboarding process?