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Mature Age Workers

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Advice for Employers & Mature Age Employees

I had the opportunity in mid 2014 to record two segments for Business Essentials on mature age workers from an employer and employee perspective which contain advice to both groups:
  • July 2014 - "Will you employ older workers" 
    (Copyright 2014: Business Essentials Pty Ltd ABN 73 658 681 585) directed towards employers - covering the facts and myths around mature age workers, the  business reasons to employ them and strategies to accommodate them in the workforce.  The full recording is below (only 8 mins 14 seconds)
  • August 2014 - "Boosting career prospects in later life" (Copyright 2014: Business Essentials Pty Ltd ABN 73 658 681 585) - directed towards individuals - what you can do to improve your employment prospects beyond the age of 45.
    Includes commentary on the value of your experience, personal branding, developing new skills, embracing social media and technology and being prepared to work under different employment models. The full recording is below (only 7 mins 10 seconds).

My Interest in Mature Age Employees

I have specialised since 2007 in coaching  mature age workers (over 45) from both an employer and employee perspective.  This has arisen from:
The Australian government has also recognised the challenge that this age demographic presents and has developed a number of programs and strategies to assist - the links on this page provide further details on their papers and programs.

My personal story (up until 2010) - a profile article written by Chartered Accountants ANZ in March 2010 - (please click in image to read story)

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