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Business Coaching

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Business coaching, compared to corporate executive coaching, is directed towards the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) business segment.  I undertake business coaching with a number of businesses in addition to my role as a Group Chair with The Executive Connection (TEC), where I mentor a range of SME CEO's on a monthly basis.

The business or enterprise owner often faces many issues unique to their business, even though the business may appear to be successful and providing the autonomy and financial returns desired.

Issues commonly faced by businesses may include:

  • excessive reliance on the owner (s) to operate it
  • conflict or differences in values and objectives of owners, partners, shareholders or directors
  • too much attention to certain areas of the business and not enough attention to other areas e.g. marketing vs administration vs planning vs operations
  • excessive work hours or inappropriate work/life balance - not working smarter but harder
  • conflict between and/or performance issues with family members in the business
  • attracting and retaining employees including accommodating different generations, mature age workers etc
  • not undertaking proper employee induction and onboarding processes
  • dealing with mental health issues either of owners or employees
  • poor sales processes or sales capabilities leading to ongoing revenue pressure
  • lack of an exit/retirement/sale strategy
  • no succession or contingency planning
  • no operational or strategic planning
  • financial pressures or inadequate financial returns for the hours and capital invested
  • no risk management planning including managing the practical risks of a small business
  • isolation from peers and personal growth opportunities
  • dealing with strategic, technological, economic, demographic and industry change - for example, the risks of working from anywhere in this multi device cloud enabled world.

Coaching can provide an independent third party to see the business through a different "lens" and assist the owner in developing solutions to enhance the financial and non-financial returns from the business.  

Much of my work in this area is actually facilitating regular meetings and discussions between owners and sometimes with staff offsite retreats.  My role is as much as anything to act as a catalyst, future oriented strategic thinker and mediator - whilst maintaining momentum and accountability.

I bring to my business coaching my:

Current Clients

2 x accounting/financial planning firms

Cloud software sales and services company

Forensic Discovery and Investigation Company

Office and retail fitout builder

Real Estate Agency

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