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Introducing The Executive Connection ‎‎(TEC)‎‎

Being a business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, managing director or professional services partner can be full of both opportunities and challenges - but where do you seek a sounding board and external viewpoint to assist in making better decisions, deal with change, develop your strategies, have someone to whom you are accountable and overcome the isolation of the role?

The Executive Connection (TEC) is an organisation that provides a facilitated peer mentoring solution to assist in addressing these issues. I am a Group Chair of a TEC Roundtable Group in Sydney for 13 CEOs of SMEs, generally with turnover from $1m to $5m pa and 4-25 staff - my TEC biography is here.

I am always interested in talking with prospective members. Please click here to email an expression of interest or please call me on +61 (0) 419 510 955 to discuss if you would like to grow - both personally and as a business. 

Who is TEC?

TEC is an organisation with a membership of approximately 1150 CEO's in Australia and New Zealand of predominantly Small and Medium Enterprises with turnover of about $1m upwards. 

TEC has been in existence since 1985 and in the US (now through Vistage International) since 1957. Full details on the offering of TEC can be found at www.tec.com.au and in the FAQ's below.

TEC takes a holistic approach focusing on both the personal life enjoyment and business effectiveness of a CEO. The objectives are to assist CEOs to:
  • make better decisions
  • have accountability
  • grow personally and professionally
  • overcome the isolation of their role and 
  • cope with change.
TEC is about assisting CEOs to work ON the business rather than always IN the business.   An indication of the range of issues that we discuss is here.

How is TEC structured?

12-16 CEO's of broadly similar sized businesses with no competitors, no suppliers and no clients/customers are formed into a group with a TEC Chair who acts as a facilitator, coach and sounding board. TEC offers two main models for CEOs:
  1. For SMEs with net revenue of over $5m, full TEC groups meet for 1 day per month and each member has a 2 hour 1:1 coaching and mentoring session with the group chair each month. These groups have 10 guest speakers per year.
  2. For SMEs with net revenue under $5m, TEC Roundtable groups meet for 1/2 day per month and each member has a 1 hour 1:1 coaching and mentoring session with the group chair each month. These groups have 4 guest speakers each year.
What is the investment for membership of TEC? 

Your investment comprises 5 aspects:

  1. half day per month for the group meeting - where we have guest speakers, workshop your business specific issues and be CEO peer support to each other
  2. One hour per month for your individual 1:1 coaching session with me to discuss your current business or personal issues
  3. One half day normally in September for All TEC day - where 300+ TEC CEOs meet for a day of development and networking.  
  4. Any time you choose to invest networking and learning from fellow members
  5. once only joining fee of $720 + GST and a monthly fee of $1,020 + GST  - which works out about 20% of my normal Executive Coaching rate - so you get me at an 80% discount - great value I believe! 
The Return on Your Investment

Independently verified studies have proved there is also a financial return to your business from TEC membership - please click "What a difference a day per month at TEC makes".  

And to see how Australian TEC companies outperformed their SME peers on average during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09 and also in 2012-13, please click here.

The Range of Businesses/Industries in my TECR Group
  1. Short Term Executive Home Leasing provider
  2. Fire Protection Installation and Inspection Services
  3. Business Valuation and Advisory Services
  4. Video and Animation Production services
  5. Healthcare Communications
  6. Urban Planning
  7. Youth Homelessness Charity
  8. Employment Legal Services
  9. Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Services
  10. Asset Planning and Management Software
  11. Property Buyers Agency
  12. Property Development and Management
  13. IT - Hosting and Support Services

What I do as a TEC Chair

Why become a TEC Chair?

Awards received as a TEC Chair

  • 2019 Silver Award for Excellence in Chairing
  • 2018: Silver Award for Excellence in Chairing
  • 2017: Silver Award for Excellence in Chairing
  • 2016: Gold Award for Excellence in Chairing
  • 2015: Gold Award for Excellence in Chairing
  • 2014: Bronze Award for Excellence in Chairing
  • 2013: Silver Award for Excellence in Chairing
  • 2012: Rookie Chair of the Year

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