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Lominger Leadership Architect

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I am accredited in the Lominger Leadership Architect tool which allows me to assist in role design, leadership assessment and coaching for success. If the tool is used to better design a role description required for success in the future, and then Hogan Assessments are used to measure the Personality, Values and Potential Derailers of individuals being considered for the role, better predictors of success are then available to the organisation. [And to really enhance success, Onboarding or Executive Coaching may also be considered for the individual ]

Lominger was founded in 1991 and is now owned by Korn Ferry International. Lominger specialises in leadership development resources based around the Leadership Architect suite of tools which provide a research-based, experience-tested set of competency resources for individuals, teams and organizations. The importance of competency modelling is detailed in the attached article at the foot of this page.

The Leadership Architect tool is based around the 3 key themes as below:

1. Competencies

67 competencies grouped into 6 factors (under which there are 21 clusters) which are as follows:
  • Strategic Skills 
  • Operating Skills 
  • Courage 
  • Energy and Drive 
  • Organisational Positioning Skills 
  • Personal and Interpersonal Skills 
It is suggested that most roles will have between 15 and 22 competencies which are more important and will vary depending on the industry, organisation and level of role - i.e. the competencies required for an "Individual Contributor" will be different to a "Manager" or "Executive".

In addition, there are:

  • what are called the Big 8 competencies which are generally required for success particularly at senior levels and are often in short supply. An article on these is attached below.
  • a range of competencies which are indicators of Learning Agility which is turn is a better predictor of high potential employees.
2. Career Stallers and Stoppers 

19 Career stallers and stoppers grouped into 2 factors ( under which there are 5 clusters) as follows:

  • Trouble with People 
  • Trouble with Results 
3. Global Focus Areas

7 Global Focus Areas which are now becoming more critical for multinational and local national organisations as they compete in a globalised world for customers and people.

  • Global Business Knowledge
  • Cross Cultural Resourcefulness
  • Cross Cultural Agility
  • Assignment Hardiness
  • Organizational Positioning Skills
  • Cross Cultural Sensitivity
  • Humility

Below are some of the applications of the Leadership Architect and accompanying resources and tools (courtesy of Korn Ferry/Lominger)

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