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Extended DISC

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Extended DISC is a Human Resource tool used to discover employees' natural work styles as well as their perceived need to adjust their behaviours to the demands of a work situation. It therefore measures conscious as well as unconscious behaviours at work. As such, it is a very useful and easy to administer development, self awareness, selection and team development tool.  I was accredited in this instrument in 2008 through Talent Tools in Australia.

Obviously, for continued personal and business success, it is crucial to have the right people doing the right thing and doing things right! 
It assists enormously if the person has a natural alignment to the behavioural demands of a role without a need to significantly adjust their behaviour..


The other vital factor is the environment in which they are doing it. This includes a good organisation, good workgroups, values and culture fit with those of the individual.  

A hiring decision resulting in a poor fit in any of these variables will prove costly for business. Yet few people fully consider the total cost of a less than optimum hiring decision which can include: 

  • Time invested in recruiting
  • Recruitment fees 
  • Time invested in training a new team 
  • Poor business results from a job performed badly 
  • Disruption of, and tension caused in, an existing team 
  • Time spent in corrective appraisals and performance management 
  • Costs of de-hiring the person
  • then most likely, repeating this process with the replacement

The solution is to avoid or mitigate the potential problem.

Extended DISC with 10 integrated professional HR tools in the system provides a tool to take the risk out of complex HR decisions.  Extended DISC uses a software analysis system based on widely accepted scientific theories on human behaviour, sociology and anthropology. It is based originally on the works of psychologist Carl Jung and further developed over the last century by a large group of psychologists.

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis is a self-assessment tool for measuring the person's natural behavioural style. It does not classify people as good or bad, rather it helps identify what they naturally find easy and what they find difficult. 

Some of the information Extended DISC provides: 

  • Attributes describing the person
  • Their behavioral "flexibility zones"
  • Communication Style 
  • Ideal Supervisor 
  • Decision Making Style 
  • Specific Motivators and demotivators
  • Specific Fears 
  • Strengths and Weaknesses, primary and secondary

Extended DISC also assesses natural predisposition in a range of roles including: 

  • Sales  
  • Management  
  • Supervisory  
  • Customer Service  
  • Administrative  
  • Entrepreneurial  
  • Team role and behaviours
  • Training
  • Information Technology
  • Projects

Extended DISC can perform a computer comparison of a person's personal analysis with a specific job analysis to identify person-job-environmental fit; and generate team analysis with "what if" capability for assessing a person's affect on existing or proposed team dynamics.


Benefits of Use:
  • Better hiring decisions 
  • Reduced employee turnover 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Better understanding of individual differences 
  • Enhanced communication 
  • Improved utilisation of individual strengths 
A sample Extended DISC Personal Analysis report is attached below. 

Peter Black,
15 Nov 2015, 01:49