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Importance of Chinese personal and business names

posted 24 Jan 2015, 10:44 by Peter Black   [ updated 9 Feb 2015, 20:37 ]
I mentioned in my earlier post "Being prepared to do business in China" about the development of appropriate personal and business names to conduct business in China. The process behind this is worthwhile sharing.

Fortunately, I had been referred to someone who was experienced in understanding the nuances of this process, Greg Mikkelsen of 3 Mandarins in Sydney, who has also has a range of consultants on his team with experience in difference parts of China and was presented with a range of options for both my personal Chinese name and my Chinese business name.  I have extracted the relevant sections of 3 Mandarins' advice below as it reflects the development process behind the names, which was based upon both discussions with me and their review of my website and other marketing collateral developed for the Invest in Australia mission.

Personal Chinese name - 2 options were presented as below and I went with 3 Mandarins recommendation of Option #2:

Chinese Business name - So, having decided on the personal Chinese name, it was then to decide on the Chinese business name and, given that I personally am effectively my own business, it was decided there had to be some connection between the two as you can see in the advice below:

One these were decided, Greg then helped me develop appropriate 2 sided business cards with the outcome being shown as below, which interestingly, received great feedback from Chinese people to whom I was introduced on the mission - so thanks Greg and team, you did well!

Bottom line - this is an important part of the process and the importance of good advice cannot be emphasised enough.  In this regard, I highly recommend and sincerely thank Greg and his team at 3 Mandarins for their insights, experience and professionalism.


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