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Being prepared to do business in China

posted 18 Jan 2015, 00:43 by Peter Black   [ updated 7 Feb 2015, 21:02 ]

After making the decision and commitment in October 2014 to participate in the Invest in Australia Mission in Hong Kong and China from 17-23 January 2015, including the Asian Financial Forum on 19-20 January, which was based upon my desire to learn more about this fast growing region as articulated here, it was then understanding what is involved from a branding and marketing perspective.

Fortunately, I had the advantage by being guided by David Thomas and Jennifer Catterson of Think Global Consulting, both of whom have huge experience in this region, and it highlighted the importance of not being a typical Australian with a "she will be right, mate " attitude.  David has lived and worked in this region for over 30 years notwithstanding he is now based in Sydney, Australia and Jennifer, despite her young age, already has 15 years experience with the language and culture even though she has being living in Australia

There were 3 key aspects that I needed to consider:

  1. What were my purposes and objectives of participating in this mission?
  2. What branding and marketing collateral would I need?
  3. What Chinese name did I want for me and my business? 
My objectives were to basically commence my on the ground learning and knowledge accumulation of doing business in Asia having spent my whole career in various roles in Australia.  I recognised my development needs and this was going to be a somewhat fast track and experiential way of enhancing my knowledge.

The branding and marketing collateral was to develop a one page (or two when allowing for a Mandarin translation) marketing flyer and to have a bilingual business card. This section of my website was then also added and it was then targeting my social media posts towards the Asian Financial Forum.

However, the above also required the development of Chinese personal and business names -and the translation of my marketing collateral.  Fortunately, David and Jennifer were able to refer me to Greg Mikkelsen of 3Mandarins in Sydney who is well experienced in undertaking this professional work.  Greg and his team were terrific in both interviewing me as well as reviewing both my English version marketing flyer and personal profile, as well as my website, to develop appropriate personal and business names and translate the required collateral.  A sample of the output is below with a two sided bilingual business card.

So, this has all been done.  Now for the Asian Financial Forum and the Mission itself!


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