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Asia/China Experience

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Asian Financial Forum 2015
I attended the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong on 19-20 January 2015 followed by participation in an Invest in Australia mission arranged by BRIC and China expert, David Thomas of Think Global Consulting, to both Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China from 21-23 January 2015.

The purpose in my visit was to further understand this significantly growing region in the Asia Pacific region as well as be able to hear from global finance commentators given the current challenges and volatility in global finance.

The background to this visit arises from:

  • having a number of clients who have attended this forum in previous years; 
  • having a number of clients and members of The Executive Connection (TEC) who are now doing business in Hong Kong and China;
  • the then Australian Government in 2012 releasing their white paper on Australia in the Asian Century (although noting some initiatives may change with both changes in government and economic conditions since then, particularly commodity prices) ; and
  • the conclusion of an understanding between the Australian and Chinese governments to enter the Australia China Free Trade Agreement in 2014 with an infographic below showing the extent of Australia China trade in 2013
The agenda for the Asian Financial Forum is here and my Invest in Australia Mission delegate profile, in both English and Mandarin, is here.

A summary of my key points from relevant sessions and my general observations on doing business in this region is posted here.

I have also included and attached my Capability and Services profile here.

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