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Technology Used

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The time that I have been conducting a portfolio career from 2007 onwards has fortuitously coincided with significant advances in technology - whether:
  • hardware through ultralight faster laptops with longer battery life, tablets and smartphones;
  • software or more importantly cloud based solutions that run across multiple devices;
  • social media and DIY website/online solutions that enable everyone to be their own journalist or PR agency; and
  • various apps run on my Android mobile phone
I have embraced, leveraged and been stimulated by all of these advances - and created created multiple new business and personal opportunities, notwithstanding the challenges of dealing with the ongoing change, learning and volume of information.

Hardware Choices

Long before I became a Lenovo Brand Ambassador in July 2015, I had been using a number of Lenovo devices - both laptops and tablets (apart from one other brand for a few years) - and this was probably based on me having used IBM laptops (the business of which was sold to Lenovo in 2006) when I worked for PwC.

I currently use a Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook (provided as a warranty replacement), a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows (purchased on normal commercial terms) and a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ultrabook (provided by Lenovo for use and evaluation).  I started running all these machines with Windows 8.1 and from 29 July 2015 will migrate them all to Windows 10.

 Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows
 Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook
 Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ultrabook

I do NOT run a server - all my business and most of my software is in the "cloud" and backups are done automatically.

My current phone choice is a Samsung Galaxy S4 running with the Android operating system - and on which I run much of my business with the software and apps below.

  • Email, Calendaring, Contacts, Storage, Website: all done through the Google Apps for Work suite which gives me access to Gmail, Calendaring and Contacts, Google Drive for storage and access off any device and Google Sites for this website development.  In addition, I use a number of interesting Gmail add-ins as described in my blog post here.
  • Blogging: Blogger which is part of the Google portfolio now and my blog is here.
  • Accounting and Practice Management:  Accounting and invoicing is done with cloud based Reckon Accounts and by client management, including timesheets and sent email tracking, is done through WorkflowMax.
  • Productivity Software:
    originally started using Microsoft Office 2007 but am now progressively migrating to Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides as I like the collaborative features of it and the ability to easily access files off any device.
  • Virus and Privacy: McAfee LiveSafe which is across all my devices and is constantly updated - scans all files and apps too.
  • Surveys: have been using SurveyMonkey although migrating to Google Forms.

Social Media
  • Website:
    I have designed this website and provide and
    update all content using Google Sites (with all its various templates and configurable options).  The secret is to keep updating it to keep it fresh and high in search engine rankings.
  • Blog: blog posts from time to time are written and updated in Blogger - these are comments on various current issues arising from my practice.
  • LinkedIn: possibly the most important social media site for anyone in a business, corporate or professional role.  The most critical aspect I find with this is ensuring it is used to share and engage with others - not just be static. "brochureware" https://au.linkedin.com/in/peterblackexecutivecoach.
  • Twitter: Probably the most underused, less understood social media platforms - but one that I find is critical for research, staying current and being perceived as current. My Twitter account is @PeterBlackCoach.
  • Google+ Page: less used but cannot be ignored as it is Google! Page is here.
  • Facebook Page: Primarily, I use Facebook for personal purposes but also have a Facebook business page here. 
  • Soundcloud: where I load any sound recordings of interviews and CD tracks from media opportunities etc here.
  • Instagram: one of the fastest growing social media platforms and appeals by definition to visual posting. Mine is here.
  • Shelfari: is an Amazon site and allows a public book list of books read to be maintained.  Mine is here.
  • YouTube: less used but also cannot be ignored as it is second largest search engine after Google Search.  Mine is here.